Senior Social Media Editor

Los Angeles, California, United States Full-time

The Ranker Story:

Ranker is a new form of entertainment publisher with a unique crowd-sourced element. Our editors publish ranked lists on topics as broad as The Best Movies Of All Time to things as specific as the 10 Totally Weird Stranger Things Fan Theories That Could Explain Everything. Our readers vote, edit, and re-rank the stories as they see fit. Founded in 2009, the company made a number of breakthroughs in the last 18 months which has led to explosive growth, now reaching over 50MM unique visitors worldwide spending on average 5 minutes per visit – making Ranker the 3rd largest Entertainment site. Our business is driven primarily by programmatic advertising and is profitable.

Ranker is headquartered in LA and 70+ employees strong and growing.

We are currently looking for a Sr. Social Media Editor. This is an excellent opportunity to work at a profitable, bleeding-edge internet startup that’s quickly becoming one of the most visited content destinations online.  

This is a hands-on, in the trenches role, It’s Facebook-focused, data-driven and has relatively straightforward - meaning, you’re not only an expert on how to get people to click (which you absolutely must demonstrate) but that you also:

  • Have creative tactics that do not rely on the lowest common denominator, clickbait-style headlines, and thumbnails
  • Are not dogmatic, especially in the face of counterintuitive data
  • Treat Facebook pages as a canvas, not a ‘click-delivering system’
  • Have bizarre, out-there, black arts, or otherwise unconventional Facebook engagement strategies (you should know what this means)
  • Do not aspire to ‘traditional/old media social standards (which are unnecessarily restrictive, outdated, and not dynamic enough to survive the environment on FB today)
  • Are systems-oriented—instead of band-aids, you aim for structural fixes.
  • React to sudden changes (such as those FB makes to its algorithm) with aplomb, with the ability to adapt to changes, not hold on to previously successful strategies that no longer are, and, maybe most importantly, enable your team members to do the same

And similarly, can pivot on a dime; basically, you understand that change is the norm, and can get through the turbulence while ‘maintaining cruising altitude’ (we don’t use so much jargon in person, promise).

This is definitely not your everyday social media position. Because we’re so data-oriented, our strategies tend to be on the industry’s bleeding edge. We have several powerful tools and systems that make the social process way more efficient, scalable, and iterative.

Here are some examples of some of the Social Media verticals we create:

Weird History:

Total Nerd:

Graveyard Shift:

Interested? First, what’s in it for you:

  • Have the chance to express your creativity in front of a very large audience (think 100K to well over a million people) in a company that really lets you run with your ideas
  • Work closely with the Director of Social Media on a daily basis
  • Fully-paid medical, plus heavily subsidized voluntary dental and vision plans.
  • Paid holidays, plus additional days of paid time off per year.
  • Very casual workplace (ie t-shirts and shorts are totally fine) with a fully stocked kitchen including free snacks, soda, Perrier, LaCroix, Mexican Coca Cola; we also do catered lunches and breakfast weekly, and free massages every other week.
  • Located conveniently in the Mid-Wilshire district, minutes from Beverly Hills, Miracle Mile, and the 10 Freeway.

Who we believe will do great in this role:

Our successful hires hit the ground running, can adapt to change quickly and with aplomb, and advocate for new strategies that actually move the bar. This position requires at least 2 years in social media and content. You also need to be extremely well-versed in pop/ internet-culture.

If this sounds like your jam, here's what we need from you:

A cover letter giving color/examples of how you meet and exceed the qualifications listed above. And yes, we are looking at your cover letter to get an idea of your writing style, so smart, funny letters really stand out.

Links to any social media properties you've helped program, particularly entertainment-focused channels.

As we are a site with lists about literally everything, and we like editors who know lots about lots of things, it is also super helpful if you list in your cover letter, any areas of expertise you have, from the very broad to very granular.

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