Social Media Manager (Video)

Los Angeles, California, United States Full-time

We are a top 100 website with 85 million video views a month, distributing anywhere from 5-10 videos per day across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. We are seeking a Social Media Manager, with 2-3 years experience in distributing video across social media channels.

This person will probably be obsessed with new forms of social media and have both the creative acument to develop new content as well as the savvy to distribute it to new audiences. You should be a consumer of great content as much as a creator of one, and be excited about the possibility of growing with a group of content makers who enjoy making fun content for a large fan base. 

A basic understanding of SEO best practices, writing catchy headlines, and creating engaging video thumbnails are also key parts of the position.

If you’re interested, please submit the following through 

- Resume


- Don’t worry about a cover letter, let your work/experience do the talking.

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