Senior Video Strategist

Los Angeles, California, United States Full-time

The Ranker Story:

Ranker is a new form of entertainment publisher with a unique crowd-sourced element. Our editors publish ranked lists on topics as broad as The Best Movies Of All Time to things as specific as the 10 Totally Weird Stranger Things Fan Theories That Could Explain Everything. Our readers vote, edit, and re-rank the stories as they see fit. Founded in 2009, the company made a number of breakthroughs in the last 18 months which has led to explosive growth, now reaching over 50MM unique visitors worldwide spending on average 5 minutes per visit – making Ranker the 3rd largest Entertainment site. Our business is driven primarily by programmatic advertising and is profitable.


Ranker is headquartered in LA and 70+ employees strong and growing. We’re currently looking for a Senior Video Strategist who will oversee production, distribution, and strategy for long-form and social video content across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Ranker(dot)com.


We have a video pipeline that produces content that goes on our website, then on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, then out to third-party syndication platforms. You’ll be managing the day-to-day of that process — making sure every video is distributed to all the platforms and videos are optimized for each platform with eye-catching thumbnails, captivating titles, and proper metadata. You’ll work with in-house as well as out-of-house production teams on scaling video production, and also contribute to strategic ideas for making these videos perform successfully on YouTube and Ranker(dot)com.


Your goal: Help us get to 10M views a month on YouTube and 10M views a month on our website using excellent ideation and production skills, an eye for thumbnails, knowledge of video best practices on YouTube and other platforms, and an overall strategic mind for high-performing video.


We’re looking for somebody with a background in social media strategy, distribution, and analysis. This means somebody who has had hands-on experience running social pages and knows the ins and outs of good content strategy across Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. This role will require you to be up-to-date on current techniques and strategies and changes in the way that social media strategy works (for instance, all of Facebook’s new algorithm changes). We need you to always be searching for that new way to crack the code of social and push forward in the changing landscape of digital publishing.


We are looking for someone adept at spotting trends and patterns in performance and figuring out how to turn them into strategies that can be replicated. You’re a natural social media thinker and problem solver who can assess and conquer any challenge you’re presented with, relying on sophisticated data analysis and strong instincts.



  • Managing video distribution process from completed video to scheduling and posting on Ranker, Facebook, YouTube, and any third-party syndication platform
  • Personally creating or overseeing and approving the creation of video thumbnails, video titles, and metadata for video posts
  • Driving strategy for what we at Ranker call Framing (creating thumbnails, titles, and metadata that are optimized for high performance)
  • Analyzing data and creating reports for creative team and higher-ups
  • Overseeing a small team, working with them on strategy, approving/ rejecting social packaging (thumbnails, titles, metadata, etc), and keeping them to task with distribution efforts
  • Working closely with the Head of Video to drive strategy
  • 2-3 years experience either working at another large viral video/content publisher doing similar work or independently running a large social page (ideally YouTube) that saw a lot of growth and high views is required. Basic Photoshop, Excel/Google Sheets skills are a must. If you’re a self-starter that built a large audience for video on social yourself using nothing but your own ability to learn and analyze, this might be the perfect fit for you.

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